Interview Zach Elston

DIY, dat is voor deze SFX man zeker van toepassing. Zach Elston is een liefhebber van horror en wil hier ook graag zijn eigen stempel op drukken. Hij vertelt openhartig hoe hij begonnen is, met alleen maar praten over films maken tot lange nachten met YouTube en zijn dromen. Zach is momenteel bezig met een nog onbekend Netflix project en vertelt dat het ook voor jou mogelijk is.

How did you start out making movies and/or doing special effects make up?
I started off making movies at the same I started to earn makeup effects. A old friend and I wanted to make a movie so we got together and started putting it together. I spent many nights writing the script and watching YouTube videos. After this production a mentor at the Cinema Makeup School named Grace Ortiz in Los Angeles started mentoring me over the phone and Skype. We did this for about a year and half until she gave me my first IMDb film in Huntsville, called HOMEWRECKED written and directed by the very talented Michael Rodriguez. After that the films just started coming in.

Which movie was the most fun to work on and why?
Well it’s a tie actually between Michael Rodriguez’s HOMEWRECKED and SQUATTERS written/Produced by Luis Centeno and directed by Luan Kryezin with the help of co producer Edi Mehana in Chicago. Both where equally amazing and fun.

Which director and/or actor was the coolest to work with?
See this is difficult question to answer. It was a honor and blast working with Michael Rodriguez for sure but that also goes for Luan Kryezin of SQUATTERS I loved watching them both work and I’ve learned a lot from both of these men.

What are your upcoming projects and can you ellaborate on them?
I have a few upcoming projects I am very excited about. One that is coming up I can’t say much about, but I can say it will be on Netflix. Also a couple projects for a company in LOS ANGELES taking me overseas for the first time in my career. There are others but can’t speak of them either ‘lol’

What movie did you really want to participate on but didn’t get a chance to?
Well it’s not a movie but a show. I’ve always wanted the chance to work on set of The Walking Dead. I’m in love with that show and the amazing effects they do. Even though I haven’t worked on this set yet, there us still time right?

How do you pull off what you do on such a limited budget?
Well I started my career with no money so you get used to doing a lot on a lower budget. Sometimed you have to look and ask around for things you need. I’m in the works on producing videos on how to do cheap, but amazing effects here soon so stay tuned.

What was your most ambitious project and/or effect you ever did?
That would have to be on the set of HOMEWRECKED for sure. We did a few gun shot scenes and had to blow off the back of the head of one of our actors. Using the amazing Squibb design by Jimmy Pino I was able to produce such effects, which by the way looked amazing and horrific.

Was it hard to get your foot in the door of the moviebusiness
In the beginning it was a little because I had really no work to show, but after proving myself by a couple great effects it’s been nothing but open doors for me. I feel really blessed and thankful I have this opportunity in my life.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
In 5 years I see myself working on major motion pictures but still staying true to independent films because how can I turn my back on what gave me my start? I see myself making a living, traveling the world and creating on screen madness all in the name of the dream I never gave up. I hope to help as many as I can on the way to the top. I’m not only here to benefit in my life, I’m here to benefit in yours too. Paying it foreword in life will only help your journey and goal. I hope to inspire everyone I meet and showing them you can make your dream happen, but it takes a lot of sacrifice. Your dreams are like if you are standing on a cliff above water. Many will not jump and feel the freedom you get from jumping but only a small few will…….. be one of the people that jumps!