Interview Alex Wesley

Zijn echte naam is Alexander Sharoglazov. Hij is echter bekend als “Alex Wesley”, een eerbetoon aan William Wesley, regisseur van de cult klassieker Scarecrows (1988). Hij is een ontzettend fan van deze film en cast ook waar mogelijk de sterren van deze film Ted Vernon en Richard Vidan in zijn eigen films. Als een ware underground filmmaker neemt hij verschillende taken op zijn bij zijn films zoals regie, editing SFX, productie enzovoorts.

How did you start out making movies and/or doing special effects make up?
I become a horror fan at age 8 and I always dreamt about making my own horror film. I made my first short film in 96 at the age of 12, that is how it all begin. About special effects: I’m huge fan of horror films from the 80’s and early 90’s and I always wanted make good practical effects for my films. I want to bring spirit of the 80’s to my films.

Which movie was the most fun to work on and why?
I think it is my current project Demon Mind because it is the first time I work with professionals and I got a bigger budget than I got before.

Which director and/or actor was the coolest to work with?
Ted Vernon. I met Ted because he starred and is the executive producer of my favorite horror film ever; the cult classic Scarecrows. It was amazing to work with Ted. He is a very very nice guy and a great actor. I wish to work with him again and make a better film then Zombie Infection.

What are your upcoming projects and can you ellaborate on them?
Freak in the Basement and the shockumentary Traces of Gore III. After this I plan to make the film Art of Death if I find the budget. The script is written by my very talented friend Philip Brocklehurst, who also produces my films.

What movie did you really want to participate on but didn’t get a chance to?
None at the moment

How do you pull off what you do on such a limited budget?
It is possible to make a good movie with a very low budget if you got the  brains and you put your heart and soul in it.

What was your most ambitious project and/or effect you ever did?
As a project; Demon Mind. I don’t know about I don’t know about effects, I do a lot of them..

Was it hard to get your foot in the door of the moviebusiness
I’m not in to the movie business yet. I make films with my and my friends money.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
I see myself making a big budget movie with Robert Englund. It is my dream to work with this actor.